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Picture Perfect Silk Lashes

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BRAND: Crown Lashes


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The Crown Lashes are natural looking, comfortable and of high quality. Handcrafted with 100% mink and luxurious silk. Each eyelash is custom style to flatter every eye shape. Cruelty-free. You will feel fabulous, feminine and bold.

Picture Perfect Silk Lashes:

  • Look: doll eyes
  • Volume: 3/4
  • Length: 3/3

How to use

Complete your full makeup. Curl your lashes Apply a thin layer of mascara.

    STEP 02
    Gently remove eyelashes from its box by using tweezers. Measure the false lashes with the width of the eyes. Deposit the false lashes on the lash line. Measure from the inner corner to the outer corner. Cut the excess with scissors.

      STEP 03
      Grip the first lash at the roots of the fibers with the tweezers. Put a very thin layer of glue on the tip of the eyelash band.

        STEP 04
        Wait for 10 to 15 second for the glue to adhere to the band. The texture will become sticky.

          STEP 05
          Raise your chin, look down in the mirror, apply the false lashes on the skin as close to the lashes as you can. Glue the outer corner first then bring it all the way up to the inner corner. (repeat the same on the other eye)

            STEP 06
            Your look is complete!

            Picture Perfect Silk Lashes

            Picture Perfect Silk Lashes

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